Passion Academy
  • #6 Narine Drive, Bamboo Settlement # 3 Valasyn

In the age of the internet and the personal computer, the phrase "online education" is heard regularly regarding schooling at nearly every level. It has changed the concept of teaching and learning as we know it. In today's world, the internet can be used as the primary means of instruction and assessment. Passion Academy is 100% online based school providing students with an affordable and accessible pathway to earning SEA, CSEC and CAPE certificate at their figure tips.


CXC and CAPE Tutoring Services
✔️Affordable Prices 
✔️Qualified Teachers
✔️ Flexible Date and Time
✔️ Assistance with SBA and IA
✔️Free Past Papers and Study Materials

For further details contact us 478-4670 or 281-1837