Amplia Communications
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The Revolution Will Be At Your Fingertips

Welcome to AMPLIA. The Leader in Fiber-Optic Communication

AMPLIA Communications is Trinidad and Tobago’s premier leader in fiber-optic communications. We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to improve the lives of our customers through the world-renowned facilities of fiber-optic network infrastructure. AMPLIA Communications continues to revolutionize global digital connectivity through our seamless and intuitive fiber-optic capabilities. Our strategy continues to overcome traditional and new communication barriers and we invite you to join us in reinventing the way we connect, communicate and inspire.


AMPLIA Communications – Amplifying your telecommunications experience

AMPLIA Communications’ transition from Massy Communications to AMPLIA in 2017 has proven valuable to our customers and the entire telecommunications landscape of Trinidad & Tobago.
Guided by the strategic direction of parent company, TSTT (the largest telecommunications provider in Trinidad and Tobago) we have benefitted significantly from their 5-year strategic plan. This plan has successfully steered our first-class deployment of the most advanced telecommunications solutions and has reinvented our information communication technology standards and results on the island.


Collaborating To Connect & Change Lives!

Despite these changes AMPLIA Communications assures you that we are well-placed to address your every need and support you in an ever changing and competitive landscape.
We are the same dedicated and specialized team, fiercely committed to quality service and ready to serve you and your business. In this era of enhanced digital connectivity, you can expect the same uncompromising standards that have allowed us to remain at the forefront of the telecommunications industry.

Better, Faster, Reliable!

We’re excited to show you everything this new transition will bring to you including UNLIMITED FIXED VOICE SERVICES and a stronger FIBER-OPTIC NETWORK infrastructure to ensure that YOU, our faithful customers get the kind of quality services and products that meet and exceed your telecommunications dreams. This new network will get you there faster, with greater bandwidth, more reliable internet speeds and access to the best content and entertainment.