Victoria University of Barbados

Victoria University (Barbados) Inc. is a School of Medicine, located in Warrens St. Michael The University was chartered in 2017 and has been operational since October 2019. The institution has a vision to deliver quality medical education and aspired to facilitate students’ learning in medicine, clinical practice and patient care.

VUB is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Government of Barbados, recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI), registered with Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), and listed in World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).

Currently VUB offers a 4 year and 5 year MD program based on the US medical curriculum and facilitates Clinical rotations through hospital affiliations For better rapport between students and faculty members and a more personalized learning experience, VUB maintains an apt lecturer to student ratio of 3:2. The programs are taught in English by trained medical professionals recruited from Barbados and the wider Caribbean islands. Diverse backgrounds and international medical exposure helps students to develop the skills necessary for the international practice of medicine. Our training ensures that after completion of the MD program.

We believe in the holistic development of students. To ensure that our students don’t just excel in medicine but other aspects of life as well. We periodically arrange exciting recreational activities for our diverse range of students. Many of these include retreats within the natural, exotic aesthetic of Barbados’ gardens, beaches and wildlife.

There are numerous advantages of studying in Barbados, our focused approach to quality medical education, affordability, recognition and holistic approach has made VUB an attractive destination for students seeking to complete their MD program.