The Importance of Career Planning and Online Presence for Job Seekers

The Importance of Career Planning and Online Presence for Job Seekers

The Importance of Career Planning and Online Presence for Job Seekers

Career planning is significantly important for every job seeker since it provides direction to their efforts toward achieving success in the future. Unplanned efforts often lead to nowhere, so job seekers must think of career planning. There are several aspects of career planning, such as deciding the field in which you want to work, identifying the role fit for your qualifications and capabilities, and preparing for the recruitment process.

In today’s digital world, where everyone uses social media for various purposes, having your online presence is a must. Recruiters also follow this trend of tracking candidates' information from their social accounts and pages. A strong online presence will be an added advantage for job seekers compared to those ignoring this factor. This article explains why an online presence is crucial for job seekers.

Creating Online Presence
The following easy steps will help you create an effective online presence if you are a job seeker –

  • Setting Up an Account

This is the first step for you while creating your online presence. Choose the social networking websites and platforms you find helpful for job purposes. Establish your accounts on those sites and platforms to showcase your experience and skills.

  • Online Portfolios

This is another great option for job seekers to display their experience and skills to potential employers. You can create your online portfolio using various sites such as,, and Creating a blog is another option for displaying your work online through WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.

  • Effective Use of Social Media

The next step in this process is to use social media effectively to interact with industry experts and relevant groups. You can simply like their pages and follow their accounts on social media to get updates about the company’s news.

  • Safeguarding Your Online Presence

There are chances of losing many opportunities due to inappropriate posts on your social accounts. You must protect your online presence since employers check your social accounts to judge your character. Make sure you keep an eye on social posts about you and their impact on your personality.

  • Privacy Settings

Understanding the privacy settings of every social media site you use is crucial. You must spare time to know how to protect your social accounts from external people. Don’t forget to check what you find when searching your name as a recruiter. Make sure it’s good.

Importance of Creating Your Online Presence NOW
Many people answer that they will create a LinkedIn profile someday when needed when asked about not having one right now. Remember, you don’t know when an opportunity will knock on your doors or when you will need one. It’s always better to set up your online presence NOW and be prepared well in advance. Also, don’t forget to update your information every 15 days or a month.

Top 10 Reasons to Have an Online Presence:
Understand the following reasons that highlight the significance of having an online presence –

  1. Social Accounts Tell More About You Than Your Resume

Your resume doesn't tell an employer what you are necessarily looking to do in your life.

  1. Recruiters Look Online

Recruiters scour the internet for candidates who have the skills, credentials, and experience for a specific job.

  1. Hiring Managers Search Online

Hiring managers check your online profiles, conversations, and photos to decide whether they can consider you.

  1. Your Contacts Can Easily Refer and Recommend You

Recommending someone for an opportunity is much more accessible by tagging their online profiles.

  1. Online Activity Displays Your Interests and Hobbies

Online activity lets the employer have a more holistic view of you as a potential candidate.

  1. Makes You Findable

Having accounts on several social platforms can make you very findable.

  1. Enables You to Correct Misinformation

Having an online presence is a great way for you to correct misinformation.

  1. Showcases Your Personality

Through your online presence, you can express your personality to employers.

  1. Use of Focused Keywords

You can prefer strategic and focused keywords to make yourself findable.

  1. Tell Your Story

You can tell your story to employers who are interested to know you.

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